Los Gatos Tomato Products is celebrating our 25th Year Anniversary in 2015.  We specializes in producing high quality tomato paste tailored to our customers’ needs or specifications. Located in the heart of tomato country, tomatoes are harvested, processed and packed at peak ripeness. The proximity of the plant to growing fields reduces transit time and ensures maximum flavor retention.

Dual processing systems allow the capability to produce two different types of paste simultaneously as well as the greatest amount of flexibility in obtaining the correct blend of tomatoes to meet customers’ specifications.

Los Gatos Tomato Products has earned a reputation for commitment to quality and service. From bin to tin we concentrate on quality.

Los Gatos Tomato Products is a partnership of four family farming operations with deep roots in the Central Valley. Our partners grow over 70,000 acres of tomatoes giving us a reliable and consistent supply of high quality fruit. Our partners are The Diener Family, John Harris, Leyton Woolf, and Woolf Farming.


Our facility is located in the heart of the tomato-producing region. This means our facility is closely integrated among harvest, processing and finished goods. The plant is highly automated for increased flexibility and precise control over specific processing steps. This level of automation allows us to precisely control cook temperatures, time, weights and cooling rate resulting our higher quality tomato paste. Our Los Gatos Tomato Products team is made up of highly skilled professional individuals with a degree in food science, agriculture, accounting, and business. Many of our employees have been at the facility since our inception in 1991. We pride ourselves in a 90% return rate on seasonal employees proving the highest quality product can only be produced with the highest quality team.