Our food safety programs are regularly audited by in-house and third-party resources that follow strict policies to guarantee the safest product possible.


California has finished the 2015 tomato season in record fashion with processing 14,361,188 short tons.


We are committed to producing the highest quality tomatoes and tomato paste, through responsible and sustainable farming and processing.


We produce high quality tomato paste made to your specifications

Los Gatos Tomato Products has earned a reputation for our commitment to quality, flavor, and service. From planting through processing we’re concentrating quality. We produce only tomato paste! Our facility is highly automated with dual processing lines allowing great processing flexibility to zero in on customer specifications. The end result is great tasting, consistent tomato paste. Los Gatos is a partnership of four family farming operations with deep roots in the Central Valley. We are all committed to the simple notion of passing our land and operations to future generations in bigger and better shape than we received it. We share the passion of feeding more people, with fewer resources. For the highest quality tomato paste at the most competitive prices contact us.

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